Giffnock Violins


Alexander Youngson – 1979.

A fine professional standard instrument in mint condition made by this popular Glasgow Maker. Youngson was a well known maker living in the Glasgow area from around 1940 – 1985. A 1949 Viola D’Amore made by Youngson was previously on display at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove museum. It is now held in the Glasgow Museum’s resource centre and can be viewed on request. He made instruments to a very high standard and was well respected by local, professional musicians and his Violas are frequently  played by professional, orchestral players. He was an influential maker and is known to have encouraged young apprentice instrument makers continuing the traditi0on of violin making in the Glasgow. This Viola has a two piece back of narrow curl and is covered in a lovely orange varnish. It is labelled by Youngson and inscribed on the upper treble rib inside as having been made for Youngson’s wife in 1979. LOB 16 ½ “. £4250